Uganda Brings In Armoured Police Cars Ahead Of February 18 General Election

As Uganda general election creeps in, the country has imported armoured police cars, that look like the ones Kenya recently acquired at the end of January.

This is to add a leg up to the war against the use of violence and intimidation in pursuit of political aims in her general election set for February 18.

Boasting water cannons, wedged front plows as well as riot controls, the vehicles were seen at G-section in the Port of Mombasa but Kenya Ports Authority officials refused to speak on the seemingly “sensitive” matter.

Consular General of Uganda Tayebwa Katureebe, denied not to have received any information about the marked vehicles.

Katureebe said

I am not aware about police cars at the Port, but if they are there they are not meant for elections.

Have a view of the armoured police cars that Uganda has imported ahead of its general election set for February 18, spotted at the Port of Mombasa on February 4, 2016.




Katureebe also explained that, Uganda as a country has been a big supporter of AMISOM troops warring against terror for a long time, including battling al Shabaab in Somalia in 2007.  The country has also seen Al shabaab attacks that massacred scores of soldiers.

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In Uganda’s nearing election, Museveni wants to be re-elected, thus extending his 30-year rule. He is contesting against longtime opposition leader Kizza Besigye and his ally-turned-rival, Amama Mbabazi (looks like the country has a common ground with Kenya especially where politics is concerned, except for such long year of rule).

Rights groups have blamed Uganda’s government of using state security to silence disparagement and disapproval as well as intimidate the opponents of Museveni, but the state has denied these claims.

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