Ugandan Academic Stella Nyanzi Goes Nude In Protest

A famous university academic Stella Nyanzi has stirred a mammoth debate in the country under the leadership of Yoweri Museveni, Uganda for protesting naked.

She has garnered as much fans as critics for her Facebook posts touching on sex and sexuality. The academic got tired that she was locked out of her office, on Monday, after a row with the management at Makerere University and then went naked in protest. She was allowed to enter her office afterwards.

A lot of her fans opine that she pushed far to the end, but she said she was driven to the edge by the way she was treated. However several of her critics are taking the moral position. They say a woman is not created to show her nudity to the public.

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The New Vision reports that the minister of integrity and ethics has hit out at it, asking for her arrest under the anti-pornographic act. But her supporters weighed in on the protest against the way she had been treated by Makerere University management, urging people not to get so angry about nakedness and suggests the action was necessary.

Meanwhile, comments about academic Stella Nyanzi and her naked protest on Monday are making rounds on Twitter in Uganda according to Trendsmap. People are still deliberating on whether she was right to go naked when she discovered that she was locked out of her university office after a row with the management.

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Ms Nyanzi has gained popularity on Facebook for her posts about sex and sexuality.

About her protest she, she shared on her Facebook:

The weapons of the powerless never make sense to the powerful. You can laugh at and mock me for using my nudity against the illegal eviction from my office, but it was the only weapon I had.”

In the period preceding and after the presidential election she took the social media platform to write about her support for opposition candidate Kizza Besigye.

Here Is A Report By Ugandan NTV:

How Much Of A Say Do Have On The lady’s Action, Do You Deem It Right Or Wrong?