Chaos As Another Journalist Is ‘Bundled Off’ By The Police Outside Besigye’s House

Following yesterday’s arrest in Uganda, which saw police arrest a journalist while he was reporting live outside main opposition’s home, another television network has tweeted pictures of one of its journalists being detained by police again.

Mr Besigye is currently under house arrest – which has got people wondering if they want to restrict him in his house forever.

Today is the deadline for parties to file complaints about the result of the country’s presidential election done last month and members of Mr Besigye’s party tried to visit him to discuss a possible court petition.

The president of the main opposition party FDC president, Major General Mugisha Muntu has said earlier that they will march to the Besigye house to determine whether or not they are going to file complaints about the election.

He said this before the commencement of the press conference holding in Kampala.

But Mugisha Muntu and other FDC members were blocked by the police from accessing Kizza Besigye. Thus they didn’t offer the opposition the chance to reach an agreement.

Recall that Besigye once said that the government blocked his phone and on that account he found it difficult to reach the world or even to call friends and partners.


Since the major opposition couldn’t conclude whether to file complaints against the election’s result, another opposition leader and former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi has filed a legal complaint against the results of last month’s presidential election.

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Mr Mbabazi came third in the last election, not so far behind Kizza Besigye.

Mr Besigye’s FDC party though did not file a petition, the leaders has assured that they will hold a press conference tomorrow to discuss their election complaints and the way forward.