Ugandan MPs Demand Stylish Burials For Lawmakers With Public Fund

Ugandan MPs have sparked outrage with its plan to spend public funds on the funerals of lawmakers.

The MP’s are asking for 50 million shillings to cover each lawmakers funeral which will include a state-of-the-art casket, preparation of the grave, food and drinks, entertainment and security.

Citizens as well as outsiders are showing concern to the extreme demands made by the parliamentarians which expose the waste of taxpayer money and the MPs sense of entitlement in a poor nation.

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A Ugandan lawmaker already makes about $5,900 a month compared to the average Ugandan who earns around $670 – a year.

Ugandan MPs

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This latest demand by the Ugandan MPs comes hot on the heels of the proposed tax free vehicles worth around 150 million shillings for each of Uganda’s 427 lawmakers.

The spokesman for the parliament, Chris Obore, said the public outrage against the lawmakers for demanding better funeral plans was misplaced and that there were being unfairly targeted. He labeled concerned citizens who question government unnecessary spending as doing ”the popular thing.”

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Obore said in the proposal, five deaths would be budgeted in a financial year. If no lawmaker dies in any given financial year, money allocated will be returned back to the treasury.

Members of a youth pressure group protested this irrelevant piece of legislature by letting loose piglets with protest notes carrying words like MPIGS glued on their body.

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Ugandans MPs are not the first ones to make such outrageous demands for a flashy funeral.

In 2013, Kenyan MPs unsuccessfully demanded that they be accorded a state funeral when they die.