Ugandan Lawmakers Say Kenyan Traffic Police Officers Demand Bribes With Impunity

Some Ugandan MPs who were on a visit to Kenya have painted a shameful picture of the country’s corruption last week, in a heated debate in the country’s parliament after some encounter with Kenyan traffic policemen.

The Ugandan debate, which was tailored for a country grappling with mounting issue of corruption scandals, was held as some of the country’s MPs claim they faced molestation in the hands of Kenyan traffic policemen recently for declining to grease their hands with bribes.

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The MPs alleged that the policemen even threatened to arrest and detain them for failing to dance to their tune.

The parliament want also asked it’s Foreign Affairs ministry to report the disconcerting incident to Kenya’s authorities for disciplinary actions.

The two MPs who were directly involved in the misconduct that took place at different occasions include Mbale Woman Representative Connie Galiwango, and Usuk MP Peter Ogwang’.

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Ms Galiwango claims that all the traffic policemen whose stations were in various road blocks on the Nairobi–Mombasa highway asked for money.

According to her, on refusing to bow to the illegal demands, a few of the policemen delayed her for some minutes, while others threatened to have her put behind the rod. The legislator said as a result of the multiples challenges caused by the traffic policemen, she arrived at her daughter’s wedding at the Coast late.

She questions how the East African Community is helping Ugandans since visitors to Kenya are treated with absolute hospitality when they come to Uganda.

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Speaking to Ugandan newspaper Daily Monitor, Ms Galiwango said:

“However when we are in their country, they mistreat us. Our leaders have to address this issue others the problem with persist.” 

Mr Ogwang  further said she left the country earlier than she had planned since countless policemen demanded for bribe.

In response Government Chief whip Ruth Nankabirwa said the two incidents are “serious”, urging  the Ministry of East African Community Affairs to look into the matter so as to reciprocate the best treatment they receive in the neigbouring country.