Ugandan police to use poop teargas

Ugandan police have cautioned protesters that they will employ the use of poop teargas to disperse people during riots.

Fred Enanga, a spokesperson for the Uganda police said while speaking on a radio station that the smell emanating from the tear gas lasts for days.

Police said the move to unleash poop teargas on agitators, which lasts longer than ordinal teargas, will force many to stay away from those with the offensive smell.

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The poop tear gas reportedly smells like human faeces and stays longer on the human body.

Enanga was quoted by The Observer as saying:

“We began with a few types of motor vehicle tear gas, which people complained of; we brought coloured tear gas to identify those involved in demonstrations, and when defiance persisted, we brought pepper spray which stings a person for 30 minutes. And now we have brought the poop spray. Someone will keep with that smell for some time.”

The officer’s warning about the use of poop teargas follows public outcry over police brutality, especially after police officers beat up former presidential candidate Kizza Besigye’s supporters.

A fraction of policemen who used excessive force on Besigye’s supporters are now under disciplinary proceedings after the public’s backlash. The Ugandan police force, therefore, promised to do away with  the use of itchy pepper spray, as well as live and rubber bullets during protests.

Here Is A video of Ugandan police officers beating up Kizza Besigye’s supporters;

Video Showing The Police Sanctioned For Their Actions:

Poop Spray, which is reportedly not dangerous, was developed by the Israel and United States of America (USA) governments to aid officers during riots.

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The spray is a mixture of eight chemicals smelling like human faeces. The stench is so strong it has been listed in the Guinness Book of Records for being one of the smelliest substances.