Did Besigye Just Beat Museveni To The Presidential Seat? See This

It’s one of those watershed moments. Sort of. The very man who had been fighting for the nullification of Uganda’s 2016 election result seems to have figured a better way to deal with the whole situation himself.

Kizza Besigye took the bull by its horn and went ahead to celebrate his own swearing-in before President Yoweri Museveni’s inauguration due to take place today.

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The incident happened on Wednesday as Mr. Kizza Besigye led a procession of his supporters on Wednesday who joined him carry out the ceremony in capital Kampala. But his new title didn’t last for long as police grabbed him moments after he concluded.

“According to his coalition Twitter post, Uganda Besigye managed to perform a ceremony of swearing himself  in as president before police nabbed him.”

The Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson Patrick Onyango confirmed the arrest, saying that Dr Besigye was packed by police for breaching a court order banning all opposition from engaging in defiant activities.


This video shows his car being towed after the arrest.

President Yoweri Museveni is due to be sworn in on Thursday for his fifth term, and to ensure that the ceremony is free of violence, the Ugandan government has deployed police in every corner of the city. Also, social networks including Facebook, Twitter as well as messaging service WhatsApp were all blocked in Uganda yesterday in preparation of the swearing happening on Thursday.

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Though Ugandans saw the need to stay connected as they resorted to Virtual Private Networks (VPN), which makes it appear that you are accessing the site from another country. They took to Twitter on Wednesday to caution each other to have their VPN active as they anticipated a shut down.

Mobile phone operators including Airtel said the Uganda Communication Commission ordered them to implement the block. Social media was also blocked around the time of the election in February.

Mr Besigye has criticized and rejected Yoweri Museveni’s election win, terming it  a “sham” and “make-believe”. His Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) had called on her supporters to embark on a “defiance campaign” against the re-election of President Yoweri Museveni during the controversial February election.

The Ugandan government, instead, sent out invitations to all candidates who contested against President Yoweri Museveni in Uganda’s 2016 election to be present at the swearing-in for his fifth term. The country also invited twelve heads of states and five prime ministers with officials from the Chinese Communist Party and the Sudanese People’s Liberation Movement to Museveni’s inauguration.