Museveni Imports Anti-Pornography Machine That Works In Jaw-Cracking Way

Uganda’s anti-pornography machine is arriving soon. There is no doubt that a country with a national reputation for decency and chastity is taking aim at the pornography industry.

The country aims to combat what’s called “a sexually poisonous environment” caused by porn.

In fact, the nation will not have to wait much longer before it finally kicks pornography out of the country. It has imported an anti-pornography machine into the country, Ethics Minister Simon Lokodo says.

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Mr Lokodo revealed that the government had contracted a South Korean company to supply the machine that will help catch those who share images and video that are sexually explicit or show graphic nudity.

The machine will be used to detect pornographic pictures, videos or graphics taken or saved on a phone, computer or camera in any form and those found guilty will be charged. The exact way it will work is still unclear.

Uganda also targets media houses that publish pornographic content, vowing to shut them out upon investigations come September.

According to his statement, the country appointed the anti-pornography committee, but it had not been launched due to lack of finance. However now, the government has approved the money to activate the operations.

It is illegal for a person to produce or broadcast pornography in Uganda.

Uganda’s constitution provides that anybody found guilty of this crime is liable to a fine not exceeding five hundred currency points or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both.

Government is currently looking for some organizers of a beach party that was held at Sports Beach in Entebbe on July 24. During the event many people allegedly took nude pictures which were shared on social media and some pictures were featured in different newspapers and TVs.

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Pornography is toxic to the well-being of a nation no doubt. It influences violence toward women and children with sex, increasing the demand for sex trafficking, prostitution, child sexual abuse images, and child pornography.

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And most recently, people have taken advantage of social media platforms to expose and publish nude pictures to the public.

Redeeming for Ugandans, the pornography detection machine will go a long way into ensuring that the toxin is swept out of the nook and crannies of the country.