Videos: Uhuru Speaks On Raila’s Teargas Incident

President Uhuru has responded to the incident that saw teargas being fired at Raila, saying that it was done to deter people from engaging in a destructive protest.

He pointed out to the opposition that politicking must be done in a mature and legal way, stating that his administration will not tolerate disorderly agitations. Through his Twitter handle on Tuesday, the president added that the chaotic protests by Opposition leaders at the IEBC’s offices in Nairobi was uncalled for.

In the statement, the president said that all Kenyans are guaranteed freedom of assembly and speech.

His write-up read:

“If you want IEBC commissioners out follow the law. Those demonstrating fought for the constitution and told us to follow it. Why are they finding it difficult to follow the same law?” .

“We will not allow anyone to create tension in Kenya and incite people. You have a right to assemble and speak but not to destroy.”

Raila Odinaga and other cord-principals were held off with teargas as they demonstrated to have IEBC dissolved.


While some criticized police actions against the opposition leaders, others said the party traveled the wrong lane on the issue. Willy Mutunga was among the handful who lashed at the teargassing.

Chief Justice Mutunga said:

“Faulkner’s quote is my very painful reflection that teargassing peaceful demonstrations has not been our past since our independence.”

State House Public Communications director Munyori Buku responded to the statement, expressing his shock that the Justice concurred with those who raided other public servants’ office to throw them out.


He said it would have been nice to have him kicked out of office as well in that style. Opposition leaders have accused the commission of colluding with Jubilee to rig the 2013 election as well as making their dream of ruling the country even less possible.

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The party raised a more serious concern after its Okoa Kenya initiative collapsed for failure to meet the one million constitutional minimum for signatures. Raila further accused Jubilee and the commission for working against reforms that would bring a democratic electoral system.

CORD’s leader of the Okoa Kenya Nyanza initiative also cautioned Jubilee government in relation to the attack against CORD leaders who had marched to the IEBC offices, saying that dire aftermaths await his coalition if Isaack Hassan and his allies are not kicked out of office.

In a short video, the CORD’s defacto leader of the Okoa Kenya Nyanza initiative, Austin Makamu, dished out threats to Kenyatta and his government, revealing that if such attack comes against Raila again, the situation after elections will be nothing compared to the notorious Rwandan genocide.


Photos and videos from the teargassing incident which showed CORD leader Raila Odinga, frowning in a gesture of pain from the teargas fired at him by anti-riot police, has caused an uproar among his supporters.

In case you missed the video, watch below :

Angered by the brutal action, dedicated Raila supporters have continued to agitate, calling for  IEBC to be marched home ahead of the 2017 general election. The cord leader and his supporters have sworn to make the demonstration a weekly event, scheduling the days to be every Monday until the commission is sent home. They challenged the president to deploy more police as they are not going to quit soon.

The commission became infamous after it was linked to several corrupt cases with some IEBC officials being linked in a corruption scandal in Britain, involving the printing of ballot papers for a 2010 referendum held by IEBC’s predecessor, the Interim Independent Electoral Commission.