Uhuru Slams Raila For Rebuffing Nakuru Madaraka Day Celebrations

President Uhuru has during Nakuru Madaraka Day celebration cautioned against self-centered leaders who do nothing but trample on the law for their own gain, slamming cord’s protests.

In a statement, he urged CORD leaders to act within the constitution in kicking out IEBC commissioners.

President Kenyatta said

“It is particularly saddening that those who were at the front in supporting the enactment of the constitution are now turning against the same laws. We may disagree… That is democracy. But it is not right for a few individuals to dictate their opinion. Things do not have to go the way an individual or a few people want”.

Noting that competition cannot be avoided, he called on the overall public to ensure that the country remains peaceful even as they fight rivals.

The president also explained that Kenyans are passionate about politics but that “passion without control can destroy in a heartbeat what has been built in 53 years.”

“Passion is good. It shows our love for Kenya. We can now boast to the world that the shame of 2007 has made us better.”

Those hoping to rule Kenya must respect its leaders, the President has said, on the absence of Cord leaders at a Madaraka Day celebration in Nakuru.

Uhuru Kenyatta also said at Afraha Stadium on Wednesday that he does not understand why the Opposition did not attend the celebration as they were invited.

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Expressing his belief for a bright future, the president added that Kenya has made mistakes just like other nations have, but can break out of the mistakes.

 Nakuru Madaraka Day celebration

He reassured the audience that his coalition is bent on fulfilling all its vows as well as ensuring the people get what they deserve. DP Ruto on the other hand said the Opposition should respect the court and stop holding weekly protest to kick out IEBC commissioner.

Noting his coalition respects the law, DP William Ruto said at the Nakuru rally on Wednesday that they expect Cord to respect the same law that allowed them to hold their rally when it stops demo tactics.

“I wonder why we want to solve the problems of Kenyans in a tête-à-tête over a cup of tea in clouds shrouded by teargas.”

The Opposition has been holding weekly rallies for the removal of IEBC commissioners ahead of the August 2017 general election. They have insisted that the commission, as currently constituted, cannot fairly manage the poll.

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They recently postponed the protests, issuing a 10-day deadline to the government to talk over the matter after the protests, held across the country every Monday, turned violent. Three people were killed in Kisumu and Siaya counties last Monday.

The High Court banned Cord leaders and their supporters from marching to IEBC offices but they said the order was baseless.

In a different ruling, the court granted Opposition the right to carry out a Madaraka Day rally at Uhuru Park in Nairobi, similar to the official one organised by the government at Afraha Stadium in Nakuru.

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Raila accused the commission of working in favour of Jubilee to rig elections and frustrating its push for the Okoa Kenya referendum.

The two parties met at State House in Nairobi on Tuesday, and were expected to discuss matters concerning the electoral body.

The ruling invited opposition leaders to the event and Cord leaders are said to have accepted the invitation but insisted their rally at Uhuru Park, Nairobi, must go on.