Kenyatta International Convention Centre

The president lit up the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) and lit fireworks to usher in the Christmas season Tuesday evening.

The President said the event signified the spirit of togetherness while KICC was a symbol of unity and what Kenyans could achieve when they refused to let their differences divide them.

President Uhuru said:

“But what does this lighting represent? Well, Christmas is coming. As usual, Kenyans will gather with their families and their loved ones to reconnect and to renew the bonds that tie us together.

“Today, let us celebrate this lighting of KICC, and then, let us resolve to keep that flame of unity alive in our hearts, and in the hearts. Let us just rekindle that spirit of unity.”

Kenyatta International Convention Centre

A section of Kenyans took to social media, blasting the president, saying that the president is going about his normal business as usual when there was a crisis in the health sector of the Country. Mr. Kenyatta was asked to put his priorities right, noting that he ought to have solved the health sector issues which has entered its third week now.

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However, Kenyans have taken issue with the launch and are now demanding that Uhuru tackles serious matters such as doctors strike that has paralyzed treatment in all public hospitals in Kenya.

A post by the president on Facebook reads:

“Presided over the historic lighting of the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC) in Nairobi, ushering in the Christmas festive season. Let us celebrate this lighting of KICC, and then, let us resolve to keep that flame of unity alive in our hearts. Let us rekindle that spirit of unity,” Uhuru said.

And this statement has stirred Kenyan’s emotions and have led to the blasting of the President on the social media.

Kenyatta International Convention Centre

President Uhuru’s Facebook page.

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