Salary Cut

President Uhuru Kenyatta has referred to a section of MPs who oppose taking a salary cut as proposed in the new payment structure as greedy.

He let his frustration with the MPs known on Thursday while speaking at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa.

Uhuru said the MPs through their actions show a lack of calling to serve as he affirmed his support for the proposed salary cut. He added that he would not sign any bill related to the issue that will be put on his desk.

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“As we await the ruling by the Supreme Court, I want to make it publicly clear that my support for SRC on cutting salaries is not changing and should the court rule in my favor, I swear I will not sign their proposals.”

“It is shameful that we are barely a week away from polls and that they do not realize how they have made Kenyans angry with such remarks even before they are sworn in.”

The President was reacting to remarks made by some MPs who said the deductions will reduce them to beggars.

Uhuru further called on all elected leaders to put personal needs aside and focus on serving the people. He also called on Opposition leader Raila Odinga to also address the issue given it affects the country.

“Everybody knew their salaries before they sought election and these leaders need to know that anyone who is called to serve should have a system that recognizes we are called to serve people not hurt them.”

“I also call on my brother Raila to speak on the same because these demands to have people paid more than what the law requires will have an effect on Kenya as a whole. There cannot be a class of citizens who believe they are [better] than citizens.”

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SRC proposed a new pay structure before the August 8 general election that slashed MPs’ salaries from KSh 710,000 to KSh 621, 250 per month. It put sitting allowances at a maximum of KSh 80,000 for MPs and KSh 128,000 for committee chairs.

The KSh 5 million car grant and mileage reimbursement were scrapped, although MPs are now entitled to a KSh 7 million car loan.