Uhuru Defends Elections Act Amendment, Blasts Opposition

President Uhuru Kenyatta has defended the Elections Act amendment engineered by Jubilee Party lawmakers.

He also launched scathing attacks on the opposition, pointing fingers at NASA leader Raila Odinga and asking him to stop opposing everything ahead of the repeat polls.

NASA has threatened to boycott the October 26 presidential poll if the IEBC does not meet its demands. IEBC talks with both parties have collapsed after NASA representatives walked out of the meeting on Thursday.

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Speaking during a campaign rally at Busia on Friday, Uhuru said Raila was trying to derail the electoral process by calling for mass protests and saying there will be no elections.

“Our friends said they were happy with the Supreme Court ruling, and now they are talking about conditions. Elections are not the rights of politicians, they are the rights of citizens. Let Parliament perform its duties,” he said.

“Will demonstrations help you get more votes? They can’t. Go and sell your agenda to voters. You cannot be happy with one decision then you fail to follow the Court’s conditions [calling for fresh polls] in 60 days. Where is the problem? As Jubilee, we have not put any conditions.”

Uhuru said the Elections Act amendment was for the good of Kenya. He pointed out that it came after the Supreme Court ruling pinpointed certain areas that needed to be improved.

“That is what MPs are doing. Have we made a mistake? [Raila] insulted me saying I’m a computer-generated president. Our greatest need is for elections to be held so that every citizen has a chance to vote peacefully.”

The President further asked the residents to vote for Jubilee in the upcoming elections.

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Deputy President William Ruto challenged Raila’s threat to stop the October 26th elections.

“Uhuru is the commander-in-chief and he cannot stop the election. Are you a witch doctor? How will you stop it? Stop cheating Kenyans, we know your tricks.”

“You’re holding demonstrations because you don’t want elections. We want all our citizens, even those without shoes, to decide who their president is.”