Uhuru Surprises John Githongo With A State House Invitation After His Disparaging Remarks

Wonders they say shall never end. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, our dear President Uhuru still finds a way of surprising even his worst enemies John Githongo.

Contrary to what everyone thought would happen, Uhuru has surprised his most vocal critic as well as the entire nation by extending an invitation to the state house to John Githongo.

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Time and again, he has stood on his word that the Jubilee government is not doing any real or reasonable thing to fight corruption which is probably why President Uhuru threw caution to the winds and invited John Githongo to the state house for the Anti-Corruption and Accountability Summit set for next week October 17.

In his most radical, John is an anti-corruption crusader and over the last three years, has been an avid critic of president Uhuru and every move his government makes especially when it comes to corruption in the state house.

Most people never actually knew John Githongo until the Anglo-Leasing Scandal in 2004 when he exposed the secret plans and averted the corrupt deals. After 2004, he has spent a lot of time in exile after receiving death threats for exposing the corrupt dealings in the Anglo-Leasing scandal.

Many still don’t understand the strained relationship between the two since they attended the popular St Mary’s High School, Nairobi. Other than that, Githongo’s family were close allies of the Kenyatta family before the death of Uhuru’s father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta. Also, John’s father Joseph Githongo once worked as an auditor for Jomo Kenyatta’s family businesses.

Last year, John complained that

“this is the most rapacious administration that we have ever had.

Corruption in Kenya has deepened and widened since President Uhuru Kenyatta came to power in 2013.”

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In a more recent interview with NTV, Githongo was recorded saying;

“…by far the most corrupt government in our history in terms of procurement, lands and big projects like SGR.”

Bearing all the criticism and bad blood in mind, we can only wait with baited breaths to see if John Githongo, Uhuru’s most vocal critic on corruption will put aside his hatred for the government and attend the summit to help bring a hasty end to corruption in Kenya.