Uhuru Tells Meru Supporters He Will Give Munya A Government Job

President Uhuru Kenyatta has reaffirmed his pledge to give former Meru Governor Peter Munya a government job after he wins the October 26 election.

Speaking at a rally in the County on Friday, Uhuru said he will fulfill the promise made during the campaigns before the annuled August 8 election.

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“After October 26, Peter Munya will join us in the national government as I had promised before,” Uhuru said at Laare in Meru.

At the time of the promise, the President said he would give a government job to the loser of the County’s gubernatorial race which was a hot contest between Munya and former Senator Kiraitu Murungi. Munya lost to Kiratu.

The two, who were at loggerheads but have since reconciled, came together to show support for Uhuru in the County.

Uhuru asked the people to get ready to vote in large numbers and use the ballot to make an emphatic expression of their will and reject those “scheming to create tension and discord”.

He used that opportunity to take jabs at the opposition saying they wanted to cause instability after the nullification of his victory in the hope that a coalition government would be formed.

Uhuru continued to blast the opposition leaders saying that they do not have an agenda for Kenya.

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Deputy President William Ruto chimed in on the matter saying unity and stability is a priority for Jubilee and that this is one of the main reasons why they readily accepted the Supreme Court’s order for a fresh election.

“We agreed to a fresh election because Uhuru is a peace-loving leader and because we trust God and Kenyans,” he said.

“We defeated Raila with 1.4 million votes but he said that was not enough. Now we want to defeat him with four million votes.”

Ruto added that the choice for Kenyans is easy because Uhuru is a leader focused on development and progress, while his rival concentrates on “demonstrations and incitement”.

“When Uhuru is planning development, Raila is planning demonstrations. While Uhuru is preaching unity, Raila is preaching tribalism, deceit and con games. When Uhuru is going to ask Kenyans to vote for him, the other guy is busy scheming to subvert the will of Kenyans.”