Uhuru: Reject Politicians Who Traffic In Hate And Tribalism

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto on Wednesday March 16, 2016 began a two-day tour of duty, of Nakuru County. In one of the president’s stops, he called on Kenyans to dismiss politicians who do nothing but incite war and division in order to clinch political power.

The president also said the country has gained enormous success in recovering from the conflict which rocked it to the core after the 2007 elections.

Speaking during a visit to Baringo and Nakuru counties where he was a guest at 13 events, the president urged Kenyans to frown at tribalist in the name of politicians, but to embrace the politics which play to unite the country.

According to the president:

“Let us reject the politics of tribe and the politics of division. Let us unite and move forward together.”

The president began his tour with the commissioning of a dam close to Eldama Ravine to Nakuru town, and then said a good number of politicians have been grabbing power by causing fracas and inflicting pains to others.

Fulminating against such power thirsty politicians who think they can only grip it by force, the president noted that such politicians should be floored this time around. Speaking further, the president bawled at those who at the expense of the country’s peace and order do everything to win a political seat.

Quoting the president

“Your ambitions should not blind you to compromise the interest of Kenyans. Do not incite and cause hatred among Kenyans. If you want power humbly ask Kenyans to vote for you. 

“Let us reject those who want to divide us and tell them you will not spill our blood again.” 

Promoting his coalition, the president said his party is responsible and peaceful. He added that the Jubilee government has and will always concentrate on development for all Kenyans.

He added that with Jubilee, developments are for every corners of Kenya and as such wouldn’t be measured by the tribe, religion, location or even by political coalition the leader belong to before it is endorsed to be implemented in any location.

He recognized that Kenya has won big in recent years, thanks to its existing peace and calmness, asking fellow politicians and all members not to make statement that would threaten this somewhat long-achieved peace in the country.

Deputy President William Ruto and senior local leaders were also present during president Uhuru’s statement.

The President didn’t forget county leaders who campaign and con people into believing they would implement significant developments or projects in their various counties, when all they do is grab power for themselves alone.

He also revealed that national government works to provide funds amounting to billions to county leaders to facilitate work for the people, but that the corrupt politicians claim they used their personal funds in ushering the projects in the counties.

The President insisted that national government provides billions of shillings to counties, citing Nakuru county as to have received over Sh22 billion so far. He called on all men and women of Kenya to support the government to unite under the Jubilee Party.