Uhuru Sets Date To Celebrate Ruto’s ICC Victory

Following Deputy President William Ruto’s ICC victory, President Uhuru has released a comprehensive statement after trial Chamber V (a) of the International Criminal Court (ICC) terminated the case against humanity leveled against Ruto and Mr. Joshua Arap Sang.

The president said he welcomes the decision which reaffirms his strong conviction from the get-go that his Deputy President was innocent.

According to him:

“From the start of this case, I have believed that this case was ill-conceived and never grounded on the proper examination of our experience of 2007/2008 as a nation.

This decision brings to a close what has been a nightmare for my nation. With the conclusion of this case at the ICC, our country is fully back on focus to enhance our efforts towards nation building, promotion peace and security.”

The president added that he and Deputy president’s William’s administration has faced distractions from the ICC case over the past six years. All this while, he says his Deputy President, together with a number of other Kenyans, including himself, have endured a painful journey with the ICC.

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Hinting the stress they had seen throughout the period, the president said they have cooperated as individuals and as a country, while they at the same time have aslo borne the heavy responsibilities of leadership as they attend the hearing at the Hague.

Expressing his joy that his Deputy has been vindicated, the president said they will both focus fully on the affairs of running the State, onward.

The President Said:

“As we welcome this decision, Kenya together with like-minded nations, will remain seized of the efforts geared towards the pursuit of justice and equitable participation in the international justice system. As a nation, we recognize our duty to, and respect for, international law and institutions. We will therefore continue to pursue ways to improve the delivery of international justice, uphold the rule of law and promote a just and fair global order.”

The president said the victims have not been forgotten and what they go through demands for peaceful reconciliation and that was why he was elected with his deputy to bring the reconciliation and unity the country needs.

“My Deputy and I campaigned and were elected on a platform to unite and reconcile our motherland. Kenya has come a long way since the dark days of 2008. We have made peace. We have given ourselves a new constitution and a new political order. We have resettled and compensated many victims, and continue to respond to the outcomes of that unfortunate period of our history.”

He recalled his time with the ICC, when when they finally dropped the case against him, stating that he refused to celebrate until his Deputy gets cleared.

But now that Ruto has been cleared, Uhuru urges all Kenyans of goodwill to join them to celebrate at the Afraha Stadium, Nakuru, on Saturday 16th April 2016, in a thanksgiving service. He added that the gathering will be an opportunity for prayers of healing, reconciliation and unity.