Civil Servants Salaries

President Uhuru Kenyatta has put his weight behind the Salaries and Remuneration Commission’s civil servants salaries restructuring.

The Commission on Monday announced significant salary cuts for state officers, including the President, Deputy President, MPs, CSs and other officials.

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President Kenyatta in a live address to the nation on Tuesday said the commission’s proposal to restructuring will go a long way in guiding and ensuring prudent in the way the country manages public funds.

“I call upon Kenyans to support SRC’s recommendation as this will help tame wage bill because the recommendations also provide a clear and transparent guideline to test fair pay and non-exorbitant pay,” said the commander-in-chief.

He lauded SRC boss Sarah Serem’s effort saying the new structure will ensure fairness across the pay divide of public and state officials. He then called on all civil servants to express support for the initiative.

Uhuru further affirmed that the Jubilee administration aims and will guarantee fairness to public servants.

“Our government has ensured fair pay across divides and also reduce the wage bill and SRC is in line with what the Jubilee admin has embraced with time.”

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Here is a summary of the proposed salary restructure which is meant to reduce the national wage bill.

  • President: KSh 1.4 million from KSh 1.65 million
  • Deputy President: KSh 1.2 million from KSh 1. 4 million
  • Cabinet Secretary: KSh 924,000 from KSh 1.056 million
  • Principal Secretary: KSh 765,000 from KSh 874,000
  • Governors: KSh 924,000 from KSh 1.056 million
  • MPs: KSh 621,000 from KSh 710,000
  • Speakers: KSh 1.155 million from KSh 1.30 million
  • Deputy Speaker: KSh 924,000 from KSh 1.006 million
  • Majority and Minority Leaders: KSh 765,000 from KSh 1.020 million
  • MCAs: KSh 144,000 from KSh 165,000
  • County Executives: KSh 259,875 from KSh 350,000

The new salary plan will take effect from September 2017, after the elections for all new office holders or those re-elected.

There is, however, an exception for civil servants whose terms are longer than the current term or won’t expire this year. They will continue to earn their current pay.