“Uhuru, Tell Us Names, Number Of KDF Soldiers Killed In Somali.” – Raila

Raila Odinga has challenged President Uhuru to lay bare before the country, the real number and names of the soldiers murdered in El Adde attack.

The opposition leader demands that president Uhuru publishes an all-inclusive list, naming all affected persons in the attack.

Speaking at Osupuko village in Trans Mara West subcounty, Narok county on Wednesday when the funeral of Private Elias Kirionki who died in the attack  was ongoing, Raila made this intense request.

According to Raila Odinga

It is high time Kenyans were told exactly what happened in the attack by al Shabaab in Somalia that left dozens of KDF soldiers dead.

Quoting that the details of the attack has been too long a wait, the Cord leader tells president Uhuru’s administration to issue a comprehensive statement on the attack which massacred scores of soldiers in El Adde on January 15.

Acknowledging that the soldiers died a heroic death, Raila said that the soldiers killed on a local African base deserve quality honour and remembrance.

He added that such respect can only be offered by Kenyans having complete knowledge of the number of soldiers who died for their sakes and not by tricks or deception.

In the words of the CORD leader:

We should be told the names of our gallant sons who perished in Somalia, those who were injured and the plan that the government has to compensate families to ensure they continue living like they did when their breadwinners were alive.

Raila urged the government to reveal to Kenyans the plans it is making for eternally scrapping terrorism in the country, no matter how long it takes.

Raila said:

Tell your strategy whether it will take two, five, 10, 20 or even 100 years so that Kenyans can prepare themselves psychologically and know how to handle the situation.

I was in government when we decided that our military should move into Somalia to protect our border after al Shabaab kept on attacking us but we would like to know what the government’s long-term plan is.

Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchory, concurring with Raila, demands for speedy payment of gratuity to affected families in the El Adde attack.

The government should ensure it pays each of the dead soldiers salary until the time they were supposed to retire from service to ensure their children continue with their studies and their lives just like when their fathers were alive.

Narok woman representative Soipan Kudate calls on the politicians to refrain from making fuss of the situation of the country war-wise, for political gains. She further begs for the involvement of everybody in ensuring the battle against terrorism is won in no time.

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Be reminded that Al Shabaab militants claimed that the soldiers they killed numbered 100, saying they kidnapped others without specifying the exact number. Reports say more than 80 people were killed. Till now the Government is yet to determine the full identity and number of murdered soldiers.