Uhuru Tongue Lashes Whistling Opposition’s Lawmakers

President Uhuru Kenyatta, after being interrupted while delivering his state of the nation address by whistling opposition MPs, had a go at people who oppose the government just for the sake of it during his speech.

The president during his state of the nation address, challenged the opposition to come up with an alternative policy and not just criticize without presenting any reasonable solution.

He on Thursday added that if the opposition must castigate the administration, it must coin out alternative policies and not waste time on indulging in the “reckless political sport” of issuing mere backlash.

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Uhuru made this statement when he went on with his speech after speaker of the house, Justin Muturi, had walked some MPs out and calm returned to the chamber.

According to the president:

“Criticism without alternatives is reckless political sport.”

State house later took to twitter to make this even clearer to opposition lawmakers.

The President cut his address halfway shortly after he began, as some opposition law makers embarked on loud whistling for more than half an hour  to get him distracted. The National Assembly Speaker, who intervened, demanded for immediate ejection of some opposition lawmakers out of the chamber.

The speaker Justin Muturi forced up to 10 Opposition MPs to leave the session. Mbita’s Millia Odhiambo was pushed out by parliamentary orderlies, while he fought back, kicking and screaming, during the speech. Millia was beamed on television across the nation.

Others thrown out of the chambers were Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi, Ruaraka’s TJ Kajwang and Homa Bay woman representative Gladys Wanga.

And people have been debating the whistling and other highlights from Mr Kenyatta’s address using #SOTN2016 on Twitter.

Some were not impressed by the protest by the opposition while some lauded the lawmakers.

But others thought the MPs did a good job: