Uhuru Welcomes US Government Support In Wildlife Conservation

President Uhuru Kenyatta, on Tuesday, honoured the US government for supporting Kenya’s wildlife conservation.

The president endorsed the continuing partnership between the two countries in the preservation of Kenya’s world famous wildlife reserve against poaching and trafficking. According to the president, this coalition in fighting the poachers off of one of Africa’s most important wildlife reserves could become yet another avenue in which to strengthen the currently warm relationship between Kenya and the United States.

US Secretary for Interior, Ms. Sally Jewel, paid the president a courtesy visit at the State House in Nairobi. It was during this visit that he made the speech lauding the continuing partnership.

The president said to the visiting US Secretary,

Your presence here is a show of commitment to working together as partners.

He continued, stating that Kenya is ready to work with as many people as are willing to partner with her:

We are ready to work with everybody because this is not just for us but for future generations globally. We cannot afford to allow our wildlife to be wiped out.

Responding to the President, the US Secretary of Interiors stated that the current Government of the United States intends to continue to partner with Kenya to see that the wildlife reserves are preserved for generations to come.

She said;

Here in Kenya you have some models that are working very well with NGOs and county governments. The solution is not only in fencing but rather working with local communities in wildlife conservation

Prior to the visit, the United States had signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Kenya, on Natural Resource Management Cooperation. The aim of the memo was to facilitate the growth of the country’s technical ability to check and completely eliminate wildlife trafficking, and take care of the growing ecosystem of the entire game reserve.

At the close of the meeting, the visiting US Secretary thanked the president and his wife for raising awareness for the preservation of wildlife in East Africa.