United Nations Calls For Repeat Presidential Elections Boycott Threats To Stop

The United Nations has called for the October 26 repeat presidential elections boycott threats to stop because it can drive the country into crisis.

In a statement on Wednesday, the United Nations asked the ruling administration, Jubilee, and the opposition, NASA, to ensure the country remains united after the elections.

It also lauded both coalitions for taking part at the IEBC talks to discuss the preparations for the repeat polls.

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The agency said political parties, their supporters, civil society and voters at large have to ensure the polls succeed.

“The responsibility for successful elections lies not just with the electoral management body but with the entire range of stakeholders,” said the statement signed by Nasser Ega-Musa, the UN director at Information Centre.

The UN further commended the IEBC for its efforts, thus far, to prepare for a fresh presidential election as directed by the Supreme Court. It called on all political parties and stakeholders to cooperate with the IEBC in this regard.

“The United Nations appeals to all stakeholders to respect the independence of constitutionally mandated institutions, especially the IEBC and the Judiciary.”

Protesters were also cautioned in the statement against the destruction of property during demonstrations in the run-up to the repeat Presidential election.

“The United Nations further reminds all stakeholders of their obligations to uphold the rule of law and respect human rights, including peaceful protest and protection of life and property.”

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Opposition leader Raila Odinga has been suggesting possible elections boycott if his demands to the commission are not met.

On Tuesday, the NASA leaders met with their Jubilee counterparts and the electoral body to iron out issues.

Elections Boycott

NASA is protesting the October 26 date set for the repeat election after Mr. Odinga claimed that IEBC wants to gift the President on his birthday.

NASA is said to be also demanding the removal of IEBC CEO Ezra Chiloba, KIEMS provider OT-Morpho and printer Al-Ghurair dropped as contractors for the fresh election among other things.

Addressing the press after the talks, the IEBC Chairman stated: “NASA had a lot of issues called irreducible minimums. Most of them have been resolved by IEBC.

He went further to state: “Jubilee has no issues. They want the election on October 26.”