20 Unbelievable Photos of Kampala You Would Mistake for London

Kampala is the capital city of Uganda, situated at the South Central area of Uganda with a population of about 2.5 million, this makes Kampala the largest city in Uganda. The people of Kampala are known to be very friendly and social, making them easily approachable. Kampala is one of the most beautiful cities in Uganda, a city with low crime rate, an impressive skyline, made up of people who are friendly even to visitors, all these and more make Kampala a good place for visitors. Kampala has many attractions and lots of tourist activities going on there, you will find many shopping centres, museums, parks etc. Kampala is such a beautiful place to behold. In fact it is favourably comparable to london, without any doubt.

Here are Some Photos of Kampala That You Might Mistake for London

View of Uganda from the top of the Kampala Sheraton Hotel


Grand Imperial Hotel, Kampala


Jubilee Gardens,Kampala


City Hall clock tower, Kampala


Kampala Road

Kampala Rd

Swami Narayan temple, Kampala

Swami Narayan temple

Hindu temple, Kampala

Hindu temple1

Fairway Hotel, Kampala

Fairway Hotel

Night View of Kampala


Sheraton Kampala, Kampala

Sheraton Kampala

If you think the pictures you’ve seen so far are beautiful, wait till you see the next set photos