Unbelievable: Man Armed With Lethal Weapon Arrested Close To Uhuru At Nakuru Rally

Police detained a man identified as Dickson Oduor Gwala on Saturday, April 16, during the thanksgiving prayer Nakuru rally organized by Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto, at Afraha Stadium.

The man smuggled one round of 7.62 mm into the venue of the rally despite the massive police presence. Police reportedly headed to the home of the 21 year-old man in Bondeni area of Nakuru to search for more proofs.

The details of the search – and the ongoing investigation – are yet to be released by the police. The exact spot within the venue where the suspect was arrested is still not clear and as such BuzzKenya can not state how close he got to the president’s dais, or the VIP area.

It is also uncertain how the man managed to get into the event with the deadly weapon despite the massive police presence.

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Police also did not confirm if the man intended to carry out an attack alone or was working with others. The suspect is detained at police station in Nakuru as investigations continue.

On Saturday, the president and his deputy hosted hundreds of Kenyans in a prayer meeting at Afraha Stadium. The Nakuru rally by President Uhuru and Hon. William Ruto was to celebrate their ICC victory after the international court terminated the case it held against them, and there was high security presence at the venue of the prayer meeting.

It was also alleged that over 5,000 officers were deployed to manage the crowd as well as control traffic in the area. Police responded promptly to any security alert that would have threatened the peace of the ceremony even in the eve of the ceremony.

Civil rights activists who allegedly planned a protest in support of the Internally Displace Persons (IDPs) were detained a day before the ceremony.

During the event, Mr Musiambo deprived drivers access into certain areas as he noted that cars wouldn’t be entering the central business district. The only vehicles that was allowed into the stadium were those marked VVIP and VIP, ambulances and those carrying security personnel

He added that those who will attend the ceremony will have to walk to Afraha Stadium or watch the event live on giant screens mounted at designated places

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