Video: Strange Tale Of 13 Pregnant Wives Of One Man

An alleged Indian man says he is married to thirteen women and they are all pregnant at the same time. He also shared a photo of his 13 pregnant wives as an evidence of his claims. 

The women, he claims, are contented with the pregnancy and are very happy to be his wives.

It was also claimed that the women speak very highly of each other and care for each other. In fact, the women are reportedly comfortable together and “share” their husband in peace.

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This could be seen from the faces of the ladies , who apparently do not mind sharing their highly fertile husband. Reports also alleged that unions such as this one are legal in the country.

While this may not be very surprising to those in the country, because in India itself, there are men with multiple wives and the world record for the largest family is held by a man from Mizoram India and he has 39 wives! The man certainly broke some set records as this is the first man to have all his multiples wives pregnant at once.

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As such, they are all going to deliver their babies all within a five-weeks window. The age difference between these brothers and sisters is going to be 3 to 5 weeks at the most.

Though there is no way to verify the story,  it is technically possible for such a “simultaneous” impregnation to be achieved. Scientists say that women who live under the same roof can have their periods at almost the same time.

Also, their fertility time can also fall in line. So, if the man had sufficient strength (yes it takes strength to reach this kind of milestone) to have sex with all of them in just a few days, he could get all of them pregnant in as tiny margin of time as possible.