US Republican Race: Trump Slings Mud As Cruz Limps Out Of Race

Donald Trump has become the presumptive US Republican presidential nominee after victory in Indiana, laying all predictions to rest. The businessman’s big win has now turned his Republican Party’s unimaginable idea to a new political reality.

Though Mr Trump was never taken serious when he started his presidential campaign last year, he now has a clear way to the 1,237 delegates required to claim his party’s ticket. When declared officially the flag bearer, the real estate mogul will be the first nominee since Dwight Eisenhower in 1952 to lack any past experience of elected office.

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Meanwhile, as Trump has degraded all predictions and is just a few steps from officially gaining his party’s ticket, Mexicans, and Africans including Kenyans and Nigerians who have found a living in the US or intending to do so, seemingly have some problems to worry about.

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This is because if Trump wins Mrs Clinton or Sanders eventually – depending on whoever the Democrats finally throws up as its candidate –  it will be over for those who appear to be “stealing American jobs.” Trump has vowed to cut-down on the number of people that flood into his country in a bid to steal the jobs.


Trump’s victory, which has raised concerns for American immigrants, has also forced rival Ted Cruz to drop out of the race. Ted Cruz’s unexpected exit from the 2016 race Tuesday night in Indiana ended the hard-fought battle for the GOP nomination. The depressing loss also ensures Trump will gather 1,237 delegates required prior to the US Republican convention this summer. Mr Cruz and Trump had campaigned intensely, each against the other.

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Cruz, along with his advisers, spent more than Trump by more than a million dollars in Indiana, including renting a residennce in the state for the last two weeks, and naming Carly Fiorina as his running mate. He tried convincing pro-Trump supporters to join his wagon, but ended up screaming to the wind as they dismissed every argument he made. And after losing at the poll, the politician limped out of the race.

Cruz’s devastating loss also saw a final hugging time with his family that ended on an awkward note. Ted also had a rough night announcing that he was out of the race. After hugging his wife, Heidi Cruz, and on his way to hug his dad, the politician accidentally hit her on the nose.

Though his wife expected a group hug with father and son, Cruz avoided the group hug in an awkward gesture, hitting her mistakenly in the process.


Many of Cruz’s supporters also reacted emotionally after he announced his quitting.

Here Is The Picture Of A Committed Fan Of His Shedding Tears:


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Ohio Governor John Kasich has sworn to stay in the US Republican race, even as he is far behind Mr Trump in terms of delegates. He said he will not play a weakling and back off, but will fight till the very end.

According to him, he hopes to win even though everybody says it is mathematically impossible for him to gain the ticket of his party. On the Dominican side, Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton in Indiana’s Democratic race. Expressing his optimism, Sanders said he will upset Trump and win Trump in November.

He follows Mrs Clinton in the crucial delegate result but with his recent victory, the politician said the contest is far from over.