Liberian Girls Show Michelle Obama, Her Two Daughters Their Menstrual Pads

US first lady Michelle Obama took a trip to Africa on Sunday, June 26, with daughters Sasha and Malia. She started her day in Liberia, a country that has won overwhelming challenges –including a civil war and the recent Ebola outbreak.

She addressed some of the challenges which the country’s young girls face in school, and lauded them for their effort in getting education,.

Mrs Obama wrote: “Despite overwhelming odds, girls all across Liberia are working hard and succeeding in getting their education.”

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US first lady Michelle Obama traveled to a vocational girls school in Kakata, just outside the capital, Monrovia where the girls in the school showed her how they make their own sanitary pads. The first lady explained the importance of getting other African children to make their own pads.

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According to Mrs Obama:

“The girls showed me how they make re-useable menstrual pads (or “RUMPs” as they call them)… and we talked about menstrual health and hygiene and how girls shouldn’t be embarrassed about, or ashamed of, their periods.

“These pads play a critical role in ensuring that girls can attend school. As I mentioned earlier, girls in many parts of the world simply can’t afford things like pads (and sadly, this is an issue for some women and girls in the U.S. as well), so they have to stay home from school when they have their periods, and they fall behind and can wind up dropping out. But if they can make and use their own pads — problem solved!”

The US first lady was also in Morocco yesterday on the latest leg of her African tour to promote girls’ education

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There, she told a group of young Moroccans:

“Girls’ education is important to all of us… You know, those 62 million girls who are not being educated around the world impact my life in the United States of America. Because if we are empowering and providing the skills and the resources to half of our population, then we’re not realising our full potential as a society, as mankind.”

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One participant told her:

“I’ve been growing up in a very patriarchal community… And in this we don’t have a lot of chances and opportunities for women. But in my family, my mother made sure we went to school, no matter what people in my community think.”

US First lady Michelle Obama is advancing her effort to promote girls’ education through her campaign known as Let Girls Learn.

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Here Is A Video Of Some Of The Girl’s Stories.