Valentine’s Day Dress Code: Meaning Behind Each Color

Valentine’s Day is a day to show love to your loved ones. The day can, however, not be complete without everyone respecting Valentine’s day dress code colors as this is one of the things that make the day very special.

Every celebration or event has its own pattern and rules of celebrating its core agenda. The feelings of joy and happiness of that particular moment are shared by people all over the world who recognize the need to abide by the stipulated rules set out.

Valentine’s day is no different because there is significance to the clothing you choose to wear on that day.

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People wear different kinds of clothes with different colors without any knowledge of Valentine’s Day dress code and the different meanings attached to each color.

Each color expresses your feelings, emotions, mood and status on Valentine’s Day.

Do not let a simple mistake of having not knowing what each dress code meant, ruin your chances of meeting Mr. Right or Ms. Perfect on this Valentine’s day.

Do not also forget to be distinct while choosing your color. Check what category you fall into and make the decision to either celebrate your happy relationship, break up, engagement or loneliness according to these Valentine’s day dress codes.

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Here are the meanings attached to each color for Valentine’s day dress code

1. White Color – means I’m already booked

2. Orange Color – means I’m going to propose or be proposed to

3. Blue Color – means I’m free

4. Green Color – means I’m waiting

5. Red Color – could either mean I’m already in love or I’m not interested

6. Black Color – means proposal rejected

7. Pink Color – means proposal accepted

8. Purple/Grey Color – means not interested or better luck next time.

9. Yellow Color – means broken up.

10. Brown Color – means heartbroken.

If you are already engaged or married, don’t wear the blue color as it means that you are totally free and can accept any Valentine’s Day proposal. These Valentine’s day dress codes and colors are very crucial because they speak for each person.

Happy Valentines Day!