10 Things You Didn’t Know About Vera Sidika

Vera Sidika is a controversial Kenyan model. She has always been criticized in social media for acting in strange ways. For instance, she was criticized and ridiculed for saying that she never wears underpants. Many people know Vera Sidika by name but few know something about her background and personal life. Here are 10 facts about Vera that you didn’t know.

1. She was born on 30th September 1989

If you thought she is an old woman, you are wrong. She is in her early twenties. Despite being that young, Vera has taken not only Kenya but also the whole world by storm. She always raises issues that barely match with her age. Many people wondered when she argued that she wears weave worth more than 300000 Kenyan shillings.

2. She was born in Mombasa

You thought Vera was born in Nairobi? She was born in Mombasa, a city in the Kenyan coast. She moved to Nairobi about five years ago. While at Nairobi, she ventured into the entertainment industry. Her popularity commenced when she appeared in the video for the song ‘You Guy’.

3. She came from a humble background

Even though she brags to be a wealthy girl/lady, it should always be remembered that she came from a humble background. It is her quest for money that made her rise.

4. She is the only girl in her family

Family has two brothers. She lived with them in their home but on attaining the age of majority, she moved on to start her own life.

5. Nobody knows where she gets her money from

Vera is unemployed. No one has also confirmed whether she does business as she claims. In that case, the money and riches that she has cannot be traced to any form of employment or business. Vera has sought to clarify the worry that people have by explaining that she does business in Kenya and also outside Kenya. She has always mentioned Nigeria as her key source of money. She alleges that most of her money comes from her businesses in Nigeria. Her critics have been fast to outshine her Nigerian deals by explaining that she only goes to Nigeria to extract money from oil tycoons.

6. She bleached her body

A few months ago, Vera is criticized for her artificial modification of her skin. She underwent a bleaching procedure to have her skin color lightened. She claims that the bleaching that she underwent was unique and that she incurred a lot of expenses.

7. She enlarged her boobs

If you get a chance to see Vera Sidika today, you will realize that there is something unique. A part from the light skin, you will also realize that her boobs have enlarged significantly. The enlargement is not natural. She underwent a plastic surgery for them to be enlarged.

8. She contested for the Big Brother Africa event

Vera has always strived to participate in the Big Brother Africa event but she has not been successful. In one occasion during the selection process, she is reported to have removed her underpants in the presence of the judges in order to convince them. When asked why she removed her underpants, she mentioned that the house was hot. Despite her action, she was never taken.

9. She claims to have the biggest butt

Vera has a big butt but that does not mean it is the biggest butt ever since no one has come up with a device or procedure that can be used to measure butts. She claims that her big butt has prompted her to avoid wearing underpants because whenever she wears them, the underpants get trapped in between her butts.

10. She is never ashamed

The controversial things that we hear about Vera have not made her feel ashamed. She has always been eager to give reasons and explain why she does what she does. However, she always maintains silence when asked to explain the nude photos of her that are everywhere in the internet.


Vera will always surprise users of social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and instagram. If you want to catch more about her, be eager to catch her on Twitter and Facebook. Her controversial photos can be accessed on instagram. Some of the content are not ideal for under-aged persons.

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