Video: Kenyan Rev Sister Named Among Catholic Church’s Latest Martyrs

The Catholic Church has named its newest martyrs and they include the Missionaries of Charity who were murdered in Yemen last week while discharging good work of what they believe. 

The pope says Sr. Anselm from India, Sr. Margherite from Rwanda, Sr. Reginette from Rwanda, and Sr. Judith from Kenya are the newest martyrs of the church.

The exemplary sisters were murdered along with 12 elderly people at the retirement home which they operated in Aden. Pope Francis spoke about the dead sisters this weekend at his Sunday Angelus.

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Since the Pontiff’s statement, several goodwill messages streamed the internet, coming from Rev. fathers, fellow sisters, as well as other members of the public.

One thanked the sisters for dying for living a life of charity and helping out old people. Another called them beautiful Sisters with beautiful souls.

They were also appreciated for their consecrated lives of service to the poor and needy, and for being true witnesses for Christ, and in doing so, paying the ultimate sacrifice.

A Rev. father wrote that Catholic church has throughout its history lost men and women who died giving witness to the Faith.


But their humanity can get lost in the iconography or image used in the interpretation of the study of the word of God in which they believe.

The Rev. further said that these women were like every other human being. Flesh and blood but are humans who were called by God Almighty to be faithful unto death and they gave prompt response, harkening to the call.

He then urged the world to desist from armchair criticism and learn from the dead sisters by translating their words of castigation into good work onto humanity.

He added that we will all be blessed when we look away from how people serve God, and focus on serving Him in truth, in spirit and in action.

Another Rev. Father prayed that the world may be a place of compassion, comfort and consolation to those who mourn and that the good Lord be merciful to all those who took part in  the brutal attack that killed the elderly and the sisters.

He also prayed that the Lord’s face will shine His mercy to those who lost their lives in the work of faith.

See the video below: