Video: How Al Shabaab Planned The Attack On The KDF Camp In Somalia

A lot of wounded foot soldiers made it through Friday’s attack. They have been arriving at El Wak on Kenya’s border with Somalia.

Now we recall that a controversial officer in Somalia’s military once said there were cautionary warnings issued to Kenya’s forces about informing of a fast-approaching attack on the base at El Adde hours before the attack.

But it is unclear if the claim was true.

The video below shows how the attack might have been planned by the group. Click below to watch the video

Video: KTN

Though, the actual number of people who were killed in the El Adde attack is yet to be established, it is important not to forget that insiders might have been of service to the terror group.

Al Shabaab apparently not only used its members or even civilians. The group probably influences employees of public and private organizations to successfully carry out their plans.

A report from CNN  which quoted Somali intelligence officials as saying it found out two airport workers handled a laptop that hid a bomb which later exploded in a passenger plane in the recent failed plane attack in Somalia goes to prove employees lended a hand in the attack.

This is after investigators said they suspect Borleh, a Somali national, who died in the blast carried onto the plane a laptop computer with a bomb hidden in it.

A video published on Sunday by officials, shows one airport worker taking the laptop and handing it to another employee before it finally got to the culprit who was blown out of the plane when it exploded.

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The lone man died during the attack when the laptop explosion blew a hole in the plane’s fuselage.

The two employees have been seized by the police.

If the explosion went as planned, considering where it was placed, the blast would have cause a catastrophic secondary explosion in the fuel tank

Since the explosion however took place at a lower altitude, between 12,000 feet and 14,000 feet, it only killed the Somali national who tried executing the blast and injured two others.