Video: Brave Motorist Fire Back At Armed Men In Attempted Carjacking

The continued robbery operations and armed carjacking happening in some areas of Nairobi has made driving in those areas more dangerous than death for motorists. A motorist along Riara road recently fought off gun brandishing thugs from robbing him as the two armed robbers tried to take his belongings forcefully when he was almost entering his house.

From the video, it is seen that the man drove up to the gate and was waiting for security guards to open the gate for him. Immediately, the two crooks came out from a small car holding firearms and heading to attack him.

As luck would have it, the motorist had a gun with him, and he quickly pulled the trigger at them and started firing. One of the robbers ran while the other one started firing back at the driver.

This incident took place on Tuesday night and the footage was captured by Closed Circuit Television  (CCTV).

The video has surfaced online.

The motorist was lucky enough to be carrying a gun himself and fired at the gangsters, scaring them off.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think below.


The carjackers who got in with a different vehicle, blocked the motorist’s exit path. After the driver was able to fend off the two robbers, the watchman on hearing the gunshot, didn’t open the gate. So the victim sped off safe and sound from the scene.

All motorists in the area have been cautioned to be careful and not to proceed into their homes if they feel followed or smell anything fishy around them.

The image on this post is the photo of the vehicle whose driver confronted carjackers by shooting through his window when he was attacked outside his home along Nairobi’s Riara Road on February 2, 2016.