Video: Couple Caught Engaging In Bush Sex

A couple was caught engaging in bush sex – illicit sexual activity in a bush – after a church service on Sunday, May 29.

Going by the conversation recorded in the video, the couple had met in church before they snuggled out from the crowd and left for the bush. Hours later a motorbike operator overheard the clamouring sound and went to check what the commotion was about.

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The motorbike operator stumbled upon them and summoned his friends to dispense the punishment 

Watch the video below:


In the video, you could tell that an argument followed after they were caught. The woman disclosed that she had pleaded with her partner to get a room but he failed.

Rooms, according to the conversation, would have cost not up to KSh 200.

At the time they were caught, the lady who was dressed in blue still had her head gear on. Her hair tie was complete with the red cross that shows she is a member of the women’s guild.

Cases of adultery are common in Kenya. A matatu driver was recently caught stuck on a woman after spending a night with her at the back of a public transport vehicle, reportedly due to a spell cast by the woman’s husband to ward off adultery.

The man, a matatu driver, was found on the back seat of the vehicle at around 6am, sweating profusely while scrabbling to untangle himself from his partner.

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The husband of the woman demanded a payment of KSh 10,00 from the driver before he could reverse the spell.

He claimed to have ‘locked’ his wife, so that any kind of penetration by another man would have the exact effect of locking the partners together

He later reportedly mumbled some incomprehensible words and just afterwards, the two love-cheats got separated, reports say. Afterwards, the cheating couple were taken to Chiakariga Police Post

The woman’s husband, who was among the eyewitnesses at the scene, reportedly demanded for a wade of cash to be paid to him before he agreed to separate the two. In most Kenyan communities, sex before marriage is considered a taboo and is only considered a preserve for the married.