Video: A Corruption Documentary Shows How Graft Is Firmly Embedded In Kenya

The deep-seated trend of corruption and bribery in Kenya has gained international recognition as international media in a latest documentary, described the country as the ‘home of bribery’ for the weight of corruption which is profound in the country’s system.

Special correspondent Nick Schifrin and producer Zach Fannin report in partnership with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting have made public a 10-minute video on Monday which shows the rampant corruption in institutions including the sports sector and even banks.

The corruption documentary compiled in a video which is part of the ‘Inside Kenya’ mini series begins with athlete Hillary Kiplimo’s revelation of how they are robbed of their earnings sometimes.

The athlete disclosed that he was bestowed with a medal and yet didn’t receive a cent of his $3,500 (Sh354,000) earnings. According to him, the sports official of Athletics Kenya gobbled on his benefits.

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Athletics Kenya CEO Isaac Mwangi was accused by two athletes, who failed drugs tests, of demanding bribes to cut-down their doping suspensions.

Eastleigh residents who were interviewed noted that they are used to bribery. They referred to the estate as an ATM machine “because police take so much money”.

The corruption documentary shows that a lot of police officers seem more interested in keeping citizens’ cash than keeping the peace, allowing criminals to get off. A police officer who was interviewed stated that they work like elephants and earn like ants and for that reason, can’t turn down the token from residents.

Meanwhile, the government is not left out after it allegedly “misplaced” $999 million.

Activist Boniface Mwangi was also among those who were interviewed. The activist has been warring and speaking against corruption by taking to the streets. He told CNN correspondent that:

“Corruption in this country starts from the presidency to the judiciary, to the legislature. So all arms of the government are rotten.”

Watch The Video Below: