Video: Deputy President Ruto’s Pilot Punches A Policewoman, Boinnet Orders His Arrest

While the Deputy President was attending a function in Nyandarua, his pilot deliberately had a fierce quarrel with a policewoman. Not only did the pilot treated the policewoman flippantly, he went physical, using force on her.

His excuse for thwacking and pushing the woman was just to get her to ensure nobody comes close to the Ruto’s helicopter. He said the woman wasn’t doing her job diligently and so it rubbed his wrong spot.

In an unnecessary fit of anger, the pilot attacked the woman as people watched, eliciting fierce criticisms from the people present.

A video of the event, which was posted on Twitter, got everybody frowning at the pilot’s actions and the leading trending topic as of now is #DeportRutosPilot.

Irked by the sight of the video, social media users blame several men present during the attack for looking on as the men escalated his brutal assault on the woman.

Kenyans on Twitter want him bundled by the police and charged, while some even suggested he should be deported just like the hashtag title.

The man who assaulted the woman is named Allister Brown and the chopper belongs to Deputy President Williams Ruto who acquired the chopper three months ago.

When Deputy President William Ruto was asked about his thoughts concerning the conduct of his pilot, he said through his spokesman David Mugonyi, that he only got to know about the incident on Tuesday morning.

He also said the pilot involved in the squabble was a hired pilot and was contracted to take him to Ndunyu Njeru, Nyandarua County on Sunday.

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Ruto then went on to urge the police to take immediate action on the suspect .

In the words of Deputy President Ruto:

The Deputy President respects our hardworking police officers who put in a lot of hours to secure our environment and country.’ The incident is unacceptable, regrettable and the police have been asked to investigate the unbecoming behavior of the pilot.

The Inspector General of police Mr. Joseph Bonniet has ordered investigation with immediate effect and commencement of criminal proceedings against the suspect. The suspect is also ordered to surrender at any closest police station. This happened in Ndunyu Njeru in Nyandarua on Sunday.

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