Video: Donald Trump Shows Nigerians What It Will Feel Like To Be Booted Out From America

Following Republican front-runner Donald Trump’s threats against Africans especially Nigeria, the real estate mogul and politician showed a Nigerian student in America during one of his rallies what it will actually feel like to kick unwanted people in America out of the country when he wins. 

A Nigerian East Carolina University student, named Adedayo Adeniyi received both verbal and physical assault at a Donald Trump rally last Wednesday after he was targeted and thrown out for being black, New York Daily News,reports.

Out of curiosity, the 20-year-old Adeniyi in his words decided to be at Donald Trump rally in Fayetteville, N.C. just to watch and experience the surreal moment of someone like Trump campaigning before thousands of supporters. He told the media organisation that he didn’t go as a protester or demonstrator and as such didn’t utter a word.


In a video, it was heard and seen that Adeniyi was targeted and kicked out of the event by police. He refused initially but common sense told him he didn’t belong there so he left.

Adeniyi said:

“What happened after I left caused me to lose faith in America. The man at the end of the video is a moment I’ll never forget.

One of Trump’s supporters, a middle-aged white man, looked him directly in the face and said, ‘F–k you, F–k you,’ right before slapping me in the face.

The hate in his eyes. The words. The hate in those words. The slap. It was disgusting and sad. At that moment I believed that America will stay and continue to be a hateful and bigoted country.

These are presidential candidate rallies. Not a KKK rally. The fact that I experienced hate at a candidate rally tells you everything you need to know about Donald Trump and the people who support him. People will act more hateful and racist in environments that they feel not only encouraged to do it, but accept it as normal.”

This incident comes after another black man’s brutal assault at Trump’s rally. The man who is identified as Jedidiah Brown was also punched out during Donald Trump’s rally in Chicago which he called off following the incident.

It all started when Trump’s supporters were waiting to hear their prospective leader talk, protester Jedidiah Brown, who is an ordained pastor went up on the stage at the event to speak against Trump’s hate speeches against Africa, Blacks and Muslims.

Brown who is also president of the Young Leaders Alliance, an initiative which aims to “develop platforms and opportunities to inspire the young people in Chicago to influence leadership table, received nothing but battery.

Brown said he didn’t plan to rush the stage or get into a fist fight with a Trump supporter, all of which were also caught on camera. He narrated that he had gone to find out if the things the media say about Trump were real. And on getting to the rally, he couldn’t bear the ear-rending hate comments, so he rushed up the stage. Brown revealed he has been receiving threat calls urging him to go back to Africa with his family.

Meanwhile many have said that Adeniyi’s assault was to avoid another Brown incident. Watch Brown’s Video:

Previous Trump rallies have also seen physical assaults against black people, including the repeated shoving of student Kayisha Nwanguma and an attack on Rakeem Jones, who was punched in the face by John Franklin McGraw.

Shockingly, Donald Trump defended his actions, saying what he ‘liked’ about the event was punching Jones. He added:

“The next time we see him, we might have to kill him.”

On the other hand, the man who assaulted Adeniyi, identified as Jason Wilton Wetzel seems to have shown some remorse. He said he couldn’t believe he actually did that to a young man. Apologizing to the man through an interview, he said he felt disgusted when he saw his actions towards the student.


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