VIDEO: Why Duale Slipped Knife Into Function

Top politicians can leverage on their status in the country and wield weapons around without having to answer to the police. Just like National Assembly Majority Leader Aden Duale recently enjoyed the liberty when he tucked in one sharp knife into his waist during a visit to Garissa county on Sunday.

A video showing the Jubilee leader with a knife stowed into his trousers while Garissa Township MP was dancing to some traditional music at the Garissa Cultural Centre, has been making the rounds on the internet.

The knife concealed in a leather sheath was well-placed in his left side as if he was expecting the unknown while doing the Somali dance.

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After the picture surfaced online, a lot of people have suggested that he probably didn’t trust his security team and his county men, given the recent attack on his bodyguard.

But traditionally, the dagger is usually worn typically by men above 14 years as an accessory to their clothing. Men also use it during traditional events such as dances.

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The dagger, which in Arabic is described as Janbiya, can only be removed from its sheath in extreme instances of conflict or war.

Mr Duale said he had the knife folded into his trousers during his visit to the county to encourage villagers to continue upholding their culture and with a complementary dressing.

“I called upon Garissa residents to uphold their culture so as to preserve, protect and sustain the cultural heritage of our people for our children and their grand children. I also danced to some good music during the visit at the Garissa Cultural Centre.”

Here is the video: