Video: Gun Battle Between KDF Soldiers and Al Shabaab Militants

A video obtained and published by ITV news shows the night British Jihadi Thomas Evans was mowed down in a gunfight in Kenya.

The terrific new video throws a new light on the murderous gun death of British Jihadi  – dubbed ‘White Beast’ because of his inhumanity.

The footage shows an aggressive gun battle which took place in pitch dark. The gun fight features bullets moving past the camera while tracer fire lighting goes up the night sky and the ear-splitting clattering of machine guns all around the background.

The raid also took the life of Buckinghamshire Islamic convert Evans after he joined the twisted Muslim militia al-Shabaab. He was exterminated in a failed raid on a Kenyan Army camp.

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The video also shows the 25-year-old smiling as he embraces fellow Islamist fighters who have crossed over from Al Shabaab’s Somalian stronghold before the battle.

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We hope to see the death video of Maalim Janow, the leader of the El-Adde attack. Gen Samson Mwathethe revealed an airstrike which targeted Al Shabaab militants after the recent attack launched against Kenyan Defence Forces in Somalia, had killed the  AlShabaab commander 

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Source: DailyMail