Video: Husband Punches Pregnant Wife To Unconsciousness Over Nagging.

A pregnant woman, 22, was brutally pounded by her husband, leaving her bleeding and unconscious. According to her husband, she stole from him and often nagged him to nuts.

The victim, Justa Kawira, has been married to John Wachira, 30, for six years. She revealed her husband accused her of stealing after he came back to their home in Lang’ata, Nairobi, drunk.

In her defence, she then confronted Wachira, who returned at about 10pm on Sunday night, insisting she stole his money.

I told him I did not steal any money but he beat me until I could not take it anymore. I ran out to my friend’s house where I spent the night.

Upon getting back, Kawira in her words met her husband with another person who was taking pictures of their house.

I asked why they were taking pictures of the house but they did not talk to me. Wachira got angry when I insisted, saying I was driving his friend away.

According to her, Kawira her husband dragged her in the house while bystanders watched without helping and then gave her severe smack, asking why she was nagging him about a trivial matter.

Quoting her:

He punched me in the face and I punched him back. He was stronger than me… he pushed me to the ground and dragged me to the house where he beat me some more. I woke up in hospital.

The woman who already has a three-year old son for her husband revealed she is six months pregnant for her husband. She also disclosed her husband always pounds her without a measurable reason while drunk.

He has stabbed me before, causing me to have a miscarriage. My parents know about the beatings but only my mother has tried to intervene.

I am glad my baby is fine.

The woman was  admitted at Lang’ata hospital.

Pregnant woman

According to Kenyan activist and photojournalist, Boniface Mwangu who shared the video and pictures, the man was arrested but released after the victim refused to press charges as she is a fearful and jobless silent domestic violence victim.

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