Video: Kenyan Street Boy Has Blown Minds With His Bright Definition Of Opportunity

A Kenyan street boy named Morris, who is 15-year-old, has dropped jaws on the floor with his perspective about his life.

He may look unkempt, and live in the streets, but the young boy’s intelligent request shocked many who have great opportunities and even sleep in glass houses.

What’s more? The flawless language and self-expression the child has shown – knowledge many said was almost going down the drains before the video “thanks to lack of opportunity” hit the internet.

In the film below, Morris was being interviewed and he couldn’t ask for anything but for government to grant people who have made streets their homes the chance to exhibit their real personalities.

He criticized the government for lying that it had rehabilitated and aided street families when it is has done the opposite.

He also said government took street people to police station and some even died during the process when Obama was scheduled to visit Kenya. The government said it was transporting less privileged children to rehabilitation centers where they will be enrolled in schools, and so on.

This he said was what the president did in a bid to portray a perfect picture to President Obama during his visit to Kenya, after which they ended up in a certain police station.

He told the media that his key word is ‘opportunity’ and he is 98 percent sure that the talents these people have in them when met with the right opportunity, would yield amazing result.

Noting that there are a lot of talented people on the streets who lack opportunity, Morris said he used to be dubbed illuminati by his classmates when he was formerly in school due his brilliance.

Just hours after the video was published, help was already headed his way. Candy n Candy CEO Joe Kariuki has pledged to help him change his life after watching the video.

Joe said.

This young man has something! It breaks my heart to see young people of Kenya being in the streets. He talks about opportunity and if he is ready I am ready to give him an opportunity to his life. I will personally help him go into rehabilitation and to school! And I want to see him being an example for others,

This is yet another reason to help empowering the women of Kenya. If the women are empowered they will empower the families. Do you think an empowered family will allow their kids to get lost in the street? They will do whatever is in their power to give them a home and a safe upbringing.

Co-founder AFWAB, Martine Kappel also has something to say about the young bright boy,

From working with street kids for a number of years, I have experienced how challenging it is for them to trust and to believe that they also deserve love. Often the kids do have parents, but their homes are dysfunctional, and the family they find in the street is there for them. We all need love and safety. It is so important that we help women in creating this for their families! Which is why AFWAB is so close to my heart.

As of yet, Joe Kariuki is searching for the young brain. Joe wants you to call these numbers 020 5202435 or 0700 707564 if you know his whereabouts. Please help trace the boy.

The video was filmed by a volunteer of Homeless of Nairobi and posted on their Facebook page.

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