VIDEO: House-Help Caught Abusing Little Boy

A Nyeri housekeeper was recently caught in a CCTV footage abusing a toddler in Ngong, Kajiado county.

The shocking video shows the housekeeper subjecting a child to a horrific beating after he bangs his head on the concrete from a fall.

In the video aired, the boy identified as Leon Theuri, hits his head on a concrete floor after he fell from the coach. He then cries from pain.

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On hearing the child’s cry, the housekeeper comes from the kitchen, helps him up but rather than calming the tearful child, she beats him up amidst scolding. The child then cries even loudly as she pulls him up, and off to another room.

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The nanny further hit the child when he declined to eat and after that, refused to feed the child. She then started munching on the child’s food, spending most of the time watching TV.

Watch the footage captured on a hidden CCTV camera showing how the nanny loses her temper with the toddler and becomes violent. (video:

The mother, Mary Wanjiru said they had suspected something absurd was happening to their boy as he cries nearly every night before she and her husband decided to install the surveillance camera in the house. They kept reviewing the video and to their shock, they saw that the Nyeri housekeeper was being physically brutal to their son.

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Upon realizing that the child was being abused, she and her husband decided to sack the maid peacefully. They paid her off and didn’t take any legal action against her. The parents also said they didn’t even report to the authorities but opt to share the video to save other kids.

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Leon’s mother said she spends the better part of the day at work and needed someone to help keep up with the kid until she returns from work. Her aunt then recommended the monster house help from Nyeri.

The couple said they were treating the Nyeri housekeeper as one the members of the family all in a quest to get her love and care for the child. They also said their family has forgiven the Nyeri housekeeper but warns other parents to be observant whenever they hire house helps.