Video: Prezzo Rains Insults On The Families Of His Critics On Live TV

The king of bling bling and probably the master of the brag world is at it again. The rap excellency spewed his fit of temper at his critics after they accused him of being a braggart.

Prezzo lashed out at his critics, insulting them of being born into poor families. The controversial sack of swag in Friday briefing at KTN as a guest anchor went on to blame the families that birthed the people who think he brags. In response to blowing the trumpet of his family’s money, the rapper said he is not mad at the notion, but is rather angry at the critics’ family for not making enough for them to blow trumpets about or to enable them stay off his business.

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His family made it, thus the reason he brags about their wealth – What an answer! Anyway, it is no longer news that the rapper flaunts his money every now and then and tries as much as he can to frighten folks who haven’t got a handle on such kind of cash. The vexed rapper didn’t end at that, he also insulted Jaguar of not knowing how to speak English when asked to read news by KTN. He asked if they thought Jaguar could read it.

On women, he said he wants a real African woman for a wife. Somebody who can clean, cook and do the needful for him. The length at which he stressed the cooking and cleaning part equally left viewers wondering if he had a good meal before he came to the studio.

He topped the entire night off by demanding for money when he was asked to freestyle for his avid fans out there. He said he does not freestyle for free. Watch The video and see it all for yourself.

This response is a typical “dare mess with Prezzo, and get it hot”, don’t you think?

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