Video: Prostitute Stuck With Elderly Client Who Died During Sex

A video of a man who died while in the throes of sexual intercourse with a prostitute, showed up on the internet yesterday, and has gathered a lot of views and comments. It has attracted a lot of mixed reactions as well, as some people take it to be part of a swindle of some sorts.

What began like a passionate sex ended up being a disaster for an elderly client of a prostitute who collapsed and gave up the ghost during sexually explicit activity with the prostitute.


The deceased had paid a prostitute for a steamy sex experience but died halfway before the activity came to an end. Following his death, the sex worker wanted to free herself and probably escape the scene, only to discover she was stuck to the man.

They were both conveyed to the hospital in a stretcher covered in a sheet where they will be separated.

One way in which doctors are able to separate people stuck together is by giving the woman an injection basically used to dilate the uterus of pregnant women.

It is not known what happened to this particular lady and how she was later separated, however.

The video below shows the man lying flat down on his back, while a woman apparently moving, lies on him  – both covered by a sheet as they head to the hospital.

Though this may sound weird given that people engage in sex a lot times without getting stuck, the condition is real but rare. The story, though still unclear, reportedly happened in China.


Some viewers say the video is only a swindle, but death during sex happens all the time and there are countless instances of it in record. Sex involves supreme physical effort, so can lead to sudden cardiac arrest.

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Speaking of being stuck to a woman’s vagina during sex, the chances are wide and it is credited to a rare situation called penis captivus.

Penis captivus according to Wikipedia is a rare occurrence in intercourse when the muscles in the vagina clamp down on the penis much more firmly than usual (a form of vaginismus), making it impossible for the penis to withdraw from the vagina after penetration.