Video: Raila Odinga Tumbles Off A Podium In Front Of CORD’s Supporters

Several CORD leaders including Raila Odinga, Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho and other members of the opposition tumbled off a podium right before hundreds of their supporters in Malindi.

This was after a podium which they stood on while addressing the audience on Thursday , March 24, suspiciously collapsed in Malindi.

The podium apparently got pushed beyond limit, though a man in white was allegedly being suspected to have caused the big fall.

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One of the coalition’s supporters, captured Raila Odinga’s  pre-Easter awkward fall and your guess is as good as mine – the CORD leader would have wished it wasn’t captured.

The opposition leader was on a visit to Malindi to express his solidarity with embattled Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho when the incident occurred.

The video shot, probably from a supporter’s cellphone, shows Raila and those on the podium being gulped down  by the collapsing podium.

This incident happened just as the crowd was listening to Raila with keen interest as he struck them with one of his funny proverbial analogy gotten from the Bible about the temptation of Jesus Christ.

Though the CORD leader’s associates  got injured during the nearly tragic incident, Raila  has chosen rather to go silent on it as nothing has been heard from him since the embarrassing incident.

Watch the video to see the shameful fall and the man in white shirt who allegedly brought down Raila’s podium.

Raila Odinga’s fall combined with the fact that he was nearly comparing himself with Jesus in this video has sparked controversies among social media users.

A user commented that nobody can mock God and get away with it, urging Raila to repent as God is fire. Another user lashed that nobody has the right to compare themselves with Jesus, suggesting that Raila has gone too far with his proverb so God rewarded him instantly.

Another user who seemingly supports the opposition leader noted that other users were criticising Raila out of fear and hate simply because Raila is the only non-kikuyu who can take the presidency from Jubilee.

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