Video: A Teacher Records Colleagues Mercilessly Caning Pupils In Western Kenya


A video of four teachers caning school girls merciless at a high school in Vihiga County in Western Kenya hit the internet today. Out of the entire teachers, three are male.

Ever since the disturbing video made it onto social media, it has attracted several condemnation from users. In the video, each of the teachers at Kaveye Girls’ High School is seen taking turns in canning the girls.

It also shows the male teachers queuing up as each flog the girls and pass them over to the next teacher.

The fifth female teacher, reportedly the senior at the school, can be seen basking on a desk watching as if she was admiring the teachers’ energies in caning the girls.

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Another female teacher can be seen in the video standing at the door of the classroom granting access to the caned girls with more beatings.

Some of the girls are seen twisting in pain and falling on the floor in tears. A girl was caught falling on her knees along the corridor, hitting her head on the floor.

The teacher who published the video told the media that heavy caning is not new to the school, and has raised his concern. Speaking to Capital FM today, the teacher whose name is withheld said:

That has been going on for a while. The girls are helpless because if they try to raise their voice they are threatened and told we will kick you out of this institution.

I took it because I thought one day I can be their voice. But I was caught between keeping quiet but I realised I had to let the authorities know what is happening here. This year it also did not stop, I have decided to let it out now.



I recorded the video last year just before the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) examination.

I was pushed by the level of recklessness of the school management as the headmistress autthorized the beating. 

I can remember when more than 15 teachers were authorised to give each of the girls three canes during one session of caning.

 It is still happening and especially if they sit an exam and they don’t perform according to her expectations.

They can be caned by about 10 or 15 teachers and each is doing three canes each. That is about 45 canes on someone’s daughter, it is heartbreaking.

He added that the brutal lashings are usually carried out by the teachers who recognized by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Some of the teachers are not registered because they are not employed by TSC. So they do what they are told by the principal.

Source: Capital FM