A fierce public war raged for hours within a family in Thika, that only the police in the area could intervene and end the fight.

With the way weapons zipped past, blows rained, kicks were exchanged and stone were thrown, the public witnessed a fierce family feud when a wife and her husband living in Kisii estate, Thika got violently physical.

It all started on Monday when Virginia Wangari, 48, a mother to 11 including a 6-month old, went to her matrimonial home to pick her last child.

After the firece fight, which Thika OCPD Erastus Muthamia and his officers separated, Wangari opened up to neighbours and the press that she was able to escape a few days ago after being locked under lock and key for more than two months by husband

She accuses her husband of locking her up for three months, so that he could continue with sexual relations between him and their second-born girl.

Her husband forced her out with his attitude to espouse their second-born daughter.

She further revealed that her husband of more than 20 years, Samuel Kamotho, had repeatedly treated her badly and beaten her.

I thought it was something normal that husbands did to their wives which is why I kept quiet.

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Her husband Kamotho dismissed the allegations. He said his neighbours could have borne witness if indeed he was beating his wife as, according to him, his house is not sound proof, and the noise from beating her and her cries of pain should have been enough to attract attention.

One daughter sided with him and their other two children sided Wangari .

The children who are in support of Wangari blamed Kamotho of abusing their mother, however the girl railed at her mother for dumping and neglecting the family.

Shocked at the incident, Neighbours revealed that the Kamotho family has always been secretive.

A neighbour said

For family disagreements to escalate into a public fight, it must be that Wangari had persevered for long and could no longer bear it.

Source: CitizenTV, KTN