KDF Camp


The new look of KDF camp has been unveiled in a video by AMISOM. The video gives a clear insight of how much destruction the terror group had caused the camp. In The video, you could see bullets, bomb shrapnel, cartridges, and pieces from explosives scattered all over the place.  Provided by AMISOM, the video also brings to mind the brutality that took place on the day of the attack.

Watch The Video Below showing deserted, razed down and quiet KDF camp: 

[youtube_video video_id=”mdev4m6sdNM”]


An AMISOM Commander toured the site last Friday to examine the amount of ruin done to it. Keep in mind that the commission of inquiry, formed by the KDF, is still carrying out its investigation to determine if the soldiers were betrayed by locals, Somali National Army, or by a mole in their midst.

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Meanwhile, Kenyan troops had fled the camp based in the southern Somali town of El Adde, after the recent Al Shabaab attack in KDF’s camp. It was mistaken by many to mean an official withdrawal. But the Kenyan military countered the notion insisting that it isn’t an official pull-out. They termed the movement a tactical retreat.

And after news of Kenya military pull-­out from the volatile country which the Kenya Defence Forces declined, Al Shabaab claimed to have captured the camp.

The Islamist militants revealed they had captured the base on Tuesday. If this is true, it means this AMISOM commander toured the camp before the site was siezed. We couldn’t independently verify this report, but this might give us a clue since AMISOM soldiers had toured and examined the zone last Friday some days after the terror group made their claim.

Meanwhile  a monument has been erected at Moi Barracks in Eldoret in honour of 26 Kenya Defence Forces soldiers killed in the line of duty.

The horrific attack by Al Shabaab terrorists led to the deaths of hundreds of soldiers and injuries to many, but number is yet to be established by Kenyan government.