A video showing a truck driver roughing up a traffic police officer was published on social media and has so far gathered several criticisms from government officials.

It all started when a policeman entered defiantly into a truck and the driver comes down to pull him out of the truck.

He had wanted to enter the truck to stop the faulted driver from moving farther. Then war broke out between the two.

In the video, the police could be seen trying to defend himself using a handcuff while the driver searched for a deadlier weapon to use in injuring the police.

He tried to get hold of the policeman’s handcuff but he fought back determinedly to retain his possession.  The driver even at one time picked a rock and was aiming it at the policeman.

The video below shows the two men severely pounding on each other in a fight that lasts for over 10 minutes. The driver looked ready to settle the score with the traffic policeman.

Although there were two other passengers in the truck who watched the ongoing fight, the policeman’s fury seemed to be aimed only at the truck driver.

This is not the first time a driver has fought a traffic policeman on duty.  Several cases of this kind of incident have been told. Last year, it was the one about a matatu driver identified as Mr Jesse Ngari who was admitted to Nanyuki Teaching and Referral Hospital after he exchanged fists with some police officers.

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It was also alleged that the officers stripped Mr Jesse Ngari, before throwing him into the cells of Nanyuki station where he spent the night for reportedly breaking a traffic law.

The beating drew severe public uproar especially among other matatu drivers who decided to block transport to and from Nanyuki town for some several hours.

This was after they rallied their matatus at the main bus-park and drove to the hospital where Mr Ngari had been admitted with broken ribs and multiple body injuries.