Two Kenyans record footage of UFO floating in Kenya

Two Kenyan eyewitnesses saw some kind of a strange phenomenon – UFO floating- which appeared as an enormous bright light in the sky, and wondered what it could be.

At first, one of them thought the object was a mysterious bright object streaking across Earth. But on looking closer, they noticed something that could have stepped out of a science fiction movie. Then they brought out their phones to record the ship seconds before it disappeared into thin air.

The filming of the unknown flying object was done separately  in two different incidents in Kenya. The video was shared by the two and your guess is as good as mine.

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The two men filmed the incident while driving in Murang’a, Central Kenya, and they posted the video online. From the video, the object could be seen covered in mist. From out of nowhere, a strange other-worldly orbiting disc appeared and glided gracefully from view. The object though mystical has got Kenyans thinking Unicorns exist too.

Watch The Video below

Video: JAK

In yet another video, a footage of the low flying UFO was also recorded in Nairobi. The two people who saw the ship from outside their house filmed it moments before it disappeared into thin air.

Here is The Second Video:

This is the first verified time someone in Kenya had recorded a real life Unidentified Flying Object (UFO). It flew right over their heads and way up in the sky, shocking everyone who saw it

However, a lot of people have doubted if the video was legitimate. But the idea that two people recorded the same ship on two different appearances adds credence to the tale.

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We shall give you more details of the story as it develops.

More importantly, this is not the first time of reporting such sighting in Kenyan. In October, 2015,  several Kenyans spoke of having seen a low flying UFO in the Nairobi skies. It was described as triangular in shape and was said to have been moving across the skies in gliding motion.

Since no footage was recorded at the time, the whole story was seen as untrue and couldn’t be verified.