VIDEO: Uganda Police Arrest Journalist Reporting Live In Front Of Besigye’s Home

Yesterday, a Ugandan journalist was reporting live for his television station in front of a house said to be the home of the major opposition Kizza Besigye, when he was arrested by police.

The NBS TV reporter, Elijah Turya was forced into a police’s van outside the home of opposition leader Kizza Besigye as the journalist continued reporting until they took him to a police station.

The Journalist was seized alongside his cameraman, Wasswa Hassan, and other journalists outside Besigye’s home as the police and Besigye engaged in heated argument for attempting to leave his house.

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Mr Besigye was also detained and has been under house arrest for days now. He attempted to leave his home, 10 days after he was first placed under house arrest but the police has been obstructive.

On Sunday, police gave the opposition leader the permission to go to Church service. But restricted his travel to a dedicated location.

He was later detained by the police as he attempted to deviate from the route and was taken to Kiira Road Police Station before he was once again placed under house arrest.

Today, Uganda’s principal opposition Forum for Democratic Change party is holding a press conference in the capital, Kampala on the deadline day for filing a complaint in the outcome of the recent presidential election.

The party is allowed in Uganda’s law to file a complaint against the result of the poll 10 days after announcement.

Incumbent Yoweri Museveni won the party’s head Kizza Besigye, extending 30 years in office with over 60% of the vote. If he the result is not challenged in court, the incumbent president will lead Uganda in a fifth term.

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It is alleged that FDC president, Major General Mugisha Muntu said at the start of the conference that the leadership is to visit Mr Besigye’s house to know whether they can hold a talk on election petition matter.

This is because Mr Besigye is still under house arrest – which the government says is for peace to reign in the country – for up to 10 days after election.

He was bundled home by the police who stomped FDC offices the day after the election. The police are said to be everywhere around the opposition’s home, ensuring he does not leave his house.

He rejected Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s suspicious win in the 18 February presidential election, saying the election was marred and rigged.

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